Style Starts From Within

One evening last week, I felt unusually bad about life. Never mind that I almost got stabbed after I walked through the supposedly secure entrance of a well-known store that I already find depressing on a good day. About 15 minutes later, a youth who had walked into the store just in front of me, [...]

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My Passion For Fashion Over 35

I am passionate about personal styling. I would do it for free, if I didn’t need to eat. I love helping people make order out of the semi-chaos in their closets, so that they can finally see what they own and only keep what genuinely looks good on them. I delight in the challenge of [...]

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Assumptions About Our Style

Assumptions. We all make them. They are like the structure of our lives. They define us and limit us. So, when it comes to our personal style, how can we, as grown-up women, use our assumptions and, at the same time, discard them, in order to create a new and unique personal style that also [...]

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