Clothes shopping is a form of entertainment for many of us, yet for others it feels like a royal pain in the butt! I’d like to make it easier and possibly more enjoyable for you! So, here are some tips to help smooth your way on your next outing to the stores! I’d love to hear any of your shopping tips too.

Get Organized.
Before you go out, organize your closet or get a friend or professional to help you do it. After taking out the clothes that are no longer relevant to your lifestyle, taste, shape or age, you will have a much clearer idea of exactly what clothes you are missing in your wardrobe and what you need to invest in.

Basics First.
Look for basics first, so that you know you have all the everyday clothes you need. Once you have your essentials in place, you’ll feel much freer to splash out on special items that you love.

Ready to Drop.
Try not to shop when you’re overly tired. You may make bad decisions in this fuzzy state and kick yourself when you get home and try on what you’ve bought.

Alone in the Dark.
Try to leave the house while it’s still light or take a friend with you, so that you can keep your mood upbeat. Better still, go with a personal stylist (like me), who will encourage you and give feedback on the spot.

Breaks and Snacks.
A short break in the middle will help to renew your energy and give you a chance to assess your shopping goals. Naturally, it also helps to bring along water and a healthy snack to keep you focused.

Comfort. Comfort. Comfort.
Before you leave home, remove any unnecessary and heavy objects from your handbag and put on comfortable shoes and clothes. This will prevent you from feeling achy or irritated and wanting to give up midway.

Take a Pic.
If you’re unsure about an item, take a photo of it on the hanger or on you. You can always come back to buy it another day when you’re feeling in a more decisive mood.

No Compromise.
If you are sensitive to certain fabrics, look at the composition on the label and either don’t try it on at all or put it against your neck and see how it feels or try it on inside out to check if it irritates your skin or it’s just the label that was bothering you.

Sit in it.
If you are trying on a tight-fitting pair of trousers or a skirt, sit down while you’re trying it on and make sure it’s still comfortable.

Close to your Face.
If you’re not sure about the color suiting you, hold the piece close to your face and see if it makes you look alive or washed out.

Joy is Key.
Ask yourself if the item would give you a sense of joy (à la Marie Kondo). If you think it truly would and it also reflects who you are, it’s a good start.