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Hi, my name is Kim and I would love to help you feel happy about the way you dress! I have a diploma in Personal Styling from Shenkar, Israel’s foremost fashion college, and I can gently guide you through a fun personal styling process. You will be given ideas on the styles that suit your particular shape, colouring and lifestyle best, as well as learning how to wear the clothes that you own in the most flattering ways. Discover what clothes, shoes and accessories could be added to your wardrobe to give you more lovely outfit options.

You are invited to read more about this enjoyable personal styling coaching that will bring you greater peace of mind and pleasure on a daily basis. Please contact me for details using the form here or call me on 054-5920311.

Wardrobe Organization
I will help you make order and renew your wardrobe by giving personal styling guidance on which clothes suit you most and which can be removed from your closet or fixed. You will gain a new sense of calm, as well as ideas on how to wear and enjoy what you own already.

Clothes Shopping
We can also shop for clothes, shoes and accessories in great local stores selected to suit your taste and budget. You will have more complete outfits by adding a few basic or special items of clothing that were missing from your wardrobe.

Personal Branding & Photography
Do you want to enhance your image for professional or personal online purposes? I will style and photograph you in the outfits and colors that suit you best.

Style Spa for Midlife and Mature Women
I will help you enhance your image and give you a pleasurable personal styling experience. Together, we can organize your wardrobe and create new outfits for you that will help you to rediscover a sense of well-being, comfort and joy with the way you look and feel. Read more about this unique personal styling service especially for midlife and mature women.

Client Recommendations:

“Am recommending Kim’s services warmly – with her skillful guidance, astute perception and amiable encouragement, I was able to say goodbye to a lot of stuff that doesn’t suit me (anymore) and to bolster my confidence in items that do suit me. (And strolling through the shops afterwards and trying on things was great fun!) It was a great and fun experience. Thank you Kim!”

Sabina Gass, Jerusalem.

“What we managed to do in just a few hours was way above my expectations! Kim has a great eye for aesthetics and perfection and, in her gentle way, managed to get my wardrobe clear of many unnecessary clothes that I don’t miss for a second. Kim showed me how to put outfits together, including shoes, boots and accessories. She sees the person in you and fits the wardrobe accordingly. I am sure it’s not the last time we do this. Thank you Kim!”

Talia Broza Liram, Jerusalem.

“I wanted to buy a dress for my brother’s wedding and Kim took me to the perfect boutique, where she knew I would find a dress that would suit my taste. The shopping process was smooth and a lot of fun, with Kim giving me great feedback on the 5-10 dresses that I tried on and she selected a few that she thought would look best on me. The final dress that we chose was elegant, chic and modern! I was very happy with the whole experience, which also saved me a lot of time searching in numerous shops. I received many compliments at the event too. I highly recommend Kim’s styling and shopping services and I continue to consult with her!”

Anne Hartstein Pace, Jerusalem.

“I was fortunate to meet Kim a few years ago in her professional role as a graphic and website designer. I was impressed by her work and stayed in touch with her.

Later on, she offered me her services as a personal styling consultant. We began by going through the clothes in my wardrobe, sorting out what suited me most and what didn’t, in terms of colors, styles and comfort.

I enjoyed her professional observations and practical advice. I also appreciated her patient and pleasant manner, while guiding me through this process.

After organizing my closet, we went shopping together. Kim helped me find the stores, styles and prices that suited me. As a result, I had a refreshed wardrobe, new clothes and a great feeling. With Kim’s help, I was able to let go of clothes that had taken up space in my wardrobe for years and add new clothes that I continue to enjoy daily.

The satisfaction was double: The clothes that I had collected over a long time were now in order and, with her guidance, I was able to buy new ones and have more outfit options.

I strongly recommend using Kim’s personal styling services and getting her help with renewing your closet and buying clothes that suit you and your lifestyle best.”

Dr. Laura Wharton, Jerusalem.