What should I do when I’ve put on weight and none of my favorite clothes fit anymore? I was recently asked this styling question and decided to offer 10 helpful tips on how to solve this frustrating situation and even come out of it feeling good:

Begin by going through your closet and removing ALL the clothes that no longer fit you. Put them away in storage, so that they are out of sight. There’s absolutely no point in seeing them every day and feeling upset that you can’t wear them now.

Remember that clothes are just clothes and we tend to get overly attached to specific pieces, when they can easily be replaced with other lovely options.

With this in mind, go out to buy some new clothes that you genuinely like and fit you well now.

Don’t buy any clothes that are too tight (just to prove that you haven’t really put on weight) and make sure that they are comfortable when you sit down in them in the changing room.

If you don’t have much of a budget, check out low-budget and secondhand stores, which sometimes have great options, even if you sometimes have to take them to a dressmaker to adjust a little.

As we’re moving towards summer, now is the time to buy clothes that flow off your body and it’s a good idea to avoid any clingy, synthetic fabrics that don’t breathe.

Wearing long earrings or necklaces give an optical illusion of length and can be slimming. In the evenings, you can also add a thin scarf or light shawl to achieve the same effect.

If you are wearing more than one piece, such as a skirt and top, keep them monochrome, as this can look more slimming.

There are plenty of styling tricks to help you appear slimmer and it can be worth hiring a personal stylist to help you shop for some wonderful new outfits.

Most important of all, love and embrace yourself as you are now and don’t forget to have fun with your clothes!