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Get Your Style Mojo Back

Mojo means magic or charm. However, recently, I discovered that it's also a Cuban sauce containing garlic, olive oil and sour oranges. Both of these meanings relate beautifully to the need to keep our style lively and spicy. Often, we [...]

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Learning Love

Many women have issues with their bodies. Sadly, we are held up to impossible standards by society that make it difficult to love ourselves as we are. This situation is truly upsetting and annoying; however, I believe that there is [...]

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My Passion For Fashion Over 35

I am passionate about personal styling. I would do it for free, if I didn’t need to eat. I love helping people make order out of the semi-chaos in their closets, so that they can finally see what they own [...]

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Transforming Your (Inner) Closet

On a recent Friday at noon, I was invited to a beautiful rooftop wedding in Yafo, overlooking an opalescent blue sea. The guests were milling around and I was especially interested in how the women chose to dress for this [...]

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