Reclaiming Our Bodies in the New Year

As women, we are brought up spending so much energy not accepting ourselves just the way we are. It starts with society and the media telling us to look ideal and continues with fashion dictating how every part of our [...]

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Learning Love

Many women have issues with their bodies. Sadly, we are held up to impossible standards by society that make it difficult to love ourselves as we are. This situation is truly upsetting and annoying; however, I believe that there is [...]

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Why Advanced Style is a Glorious Battle Cry

If there's one thing I cannot stand it is the notion that we women, all women, feminist or not, have been influenced by the dripping infiltration of media and societal brainwashing. We are suckled from our beginnings on the concept [...]

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Is Personal Styling a Feminist Issue?

Is personal styling by definition anti-feminist? This was one of the first questions I asked myself while I was studying to become a personal stylist. Let me start by admitting that I’m a proud feminist. I grew up with amazing [...]

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