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4 Cardinal Rules for Secondhand Clothes Shopping

Secondhand clothes shopping can make us silly. We see low prices and our common sense can suddenly fly out the window. So, to prevent you from getting “clothes drunk” the next time you are shopping in a thrift or vintage [...]

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How to Create a Wonder Wardrobe

How do we transform a wardrobe that feels blah into one that is a source of true joy? This might sound impossible if we feel bored with our clothes, stuck in a style rut and upset about how our bodies [...]

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Own Your Style

When we explore and begin to discover our own unique personal style, there is a sense of emerging liberation, exaltation and pleasure. We are, at last, released from a long list of “shoulds”, as we slip into a treasured zone [...]

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My Passion For Fashion Over 35

I am passionate about personal styling. I would do it for free, if I didn’t need to eat. I love helping people make order out of the semi-chaos in their closets, so that they can finally see what they own [...]

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10 Tips on How to Shop and Stay Sane

Fashion and shopping are a form of entertainment for many of us and, for others, they can be pure torture! As a personal stylist and shopper, I'd like to help you enjoy the experience of shopping more. So here are 10 tips to ease your [...]

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