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Design Your Style or Personal Brand

As we get older, we have the advantage of perspective to design our style in a new way. We can finally relax into ourselves and be less influenced by passing trends. At last, I know that I’m happiest wearing clothes [...]

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10 Tips When Nothing Fits

What should I do when I've put on weight and none of my favorite clothes fit anymore? I was recently asked this styling question and decided to offer 10 helpful tips on how to solve this frustrating situation and even come [...]

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How to Create a Wonder Wardrobe

How do we transform a wardrobe that feels blah into one that is a source of true joy? This might sound impossible if we feel bored with our clothes, stuck in a style rut and upset about how our bodies [...]

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Learning Love

Many women have issues with their bodies. Sadly, we are held up to impossible standards by society that make it difficult to love ourselves as we are. This situation is truly upsetting and annoying; however, I believe that there is [...]

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Own Your Style

When we explore and begin to discover our own unique personal style, there is a sense of emerging liberation, exaltation and pleasure. We are, at last, released from a long list of “shoulds”, as we slip into a treasured zone [...]

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