Women as Decoration

The notion that women need to be decorative creatures and show the world their assets is still a mindset for some. I am constantly amazed when I see women (not to mention personal stylists) dressing in a way that has less [...]

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It’s How You Feel That Makes You Stylish

The style guru Leandra Medine once said in an interview: "If it feels wrong, it probably looks right". And I can see a certain aesthetic logic in that. However, my philosophy about style is a more internal one. I believe [...]

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Learning Love

Many women have issues with their bodies. Sadly, we are held up to impossible standards by society that make it difficult to love ourselves as we are. This situation is truly upsetting and annoying; however, I believe that there is [...]

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Own Your Style

When we explore and begin to discover our own unique personal style, there is a sense of emerging liberation, exaltation and pleasure. We are, at last, released from a long list of “shoulds”, as we slip into a treasured zone [...]

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Not Talking About A Revolution

One of the things I love about Israel (or Jerusalem anyway) is the informality of the culture. This is not a place where dressing to perfection is the norm. We don’t feel our personal style needs be immaculate and the [...]

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