10 Tips on How to Shop and Stay Sane

//10 Tips on How to Shop and Stay Sane

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Fashion and shopping are a form of entertainment for many of us and, for others, they can be pure torture! As a personal stylist and shopper, I’d like to help you enjoy the experience of shopping more. So here are 10 tips to ease your way next time you go out to replenish your wardrobe:

Organize First.
Before you leave the house, organize your wardrobe. Making basic order in your closet and removing the clothes that no longer suit you will give you a much clearer idea about what you need to invest in when you shop for new items.

Comfort is Essential.
Remove all heavy, unnecessary objects from your bag and put on comfortable shoes and clothes before you go to the stores. This will stop you from getting tired and achy midway and wanting to drop everything and go home.

Tired or Wired? 
It’s a good idea not to shop when you’re tired. You’re more likely to make bad decisions and you may end up having to return the items you bought the next day. For the same reason, don’t keep going when you’re energy is dropping too low. You can always come back another time.

Light is Right.
Try to leave the house while it’s still light and your mood is good. Even better, you may want to go shopping with a friend or a personal stylist. They will be there to encourage and give you feedback when you begin to lose your enthusiasm.

Basics First.
Look for basics first. Make sure that you have all the everyday clothes that you need in your closet. Once you have enough of the essentials, you’ll feel more relaxed about splashing out on more luxurious items that you love.

Breaks and Snacks.
A short break at a cafe in the middle of shopping will help to keep your energy up and give you a chance to review your goals. It helps to bring along water and a healthy snack too, such as an apple and a handful of almonds, to keep you focused.

Smart Photo.
If you’re unsure about a specific item, take a photo of it on the hanger or on you. You can always come back to buy it when you’re feeling more decisive or when you have a friend with you.

Sensitivity Test.
If you have sensitive skin, look at the fabric’s composition and put it against your neck to see if it irritates you or try it on inside out, so there’s no label to bother you. If it feels unpleasant, forget about buying it.

Sit Down.
If you are trying on a close-fitting pair of trousers or a skirt, sit down in it while you’re trying it on and make sure it’s comfortable and looks good when you’re seated.

Joy is Key.
Ask yourself if this piece of clothing will bring you joy. If you think it truly will and it genuinely reflects who you are now, it may be a good choice!

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