Yesterday, I was thinking about how some fashion designers prefer to try their creations on live models to see how the design and fabric fit and move. This way, they can make adjustments in real time.

So, this got me wondering what to wear for the Vivienne Westwood documentary that I was going to the next night, as surely she deserves a befitting outfit.

Shopping one’s own wardrobe is really when you allow yourself to play with what you have. The only way to do this is to actually try on combinations of clothes you have in your closet that you’ve never considered before. By experimenting in a carefree, creative way, much like a child playing dress-up with adult clothes, I was able to connect to my inner fashion designer.

To my delight, I discovered at least two new outfits and accessory combinations that I hadn’t thought of previously (one even included a black boxy shirt I was about to give away). No doubt, there are more outfit surprises waiting for me in my wardrobe as soon as I have more time to play and no need to shop (for now).