As we get older, we have the advantage of perspective to design our style in a new way. We can finally relax into ourselves and be less influenced by passing trends.

At last, I know that I’m happiest wearing clothes that are super comfortable, minimalist and easy to take care of, especially as I spend part of my professional life as a graphic and website designer and, the other, as a personal branding and styling consultant. I need to be comfortable all day and in each of my creative roles.

You may have other styling needs in your professional life. Nonetheless, we have reached a stage in our lives when we can choose to dress in a way that fully reflects our priorities and taste. This means that we can create our own unique personal style and shop more wisely, only buying the clothes that we know we will actually wear and enjoy.

The awareness of how we truly want to dress rather than holding onto an outdated ideal concept can help us to accept and rejoice in our more mature selves.

Designing our style is part of the privilege that comes with age. We can now allow ourselves to dress in a way that truly expresses our nature. We can be less fashion-driven and become more fully ourselves. It’s time to define which clothes make you feel really good and, whatever your budget, begin to show the world the special individual that you are.