Mojo means magic or charm. However, recently, I discovered that it’s also a Cuban sauce containing garlic, olive oil and sour oranges. Both of these meanings relate beautifully to the need to keep our style lively and spicy.

Often, we look at our wardrobes and the contents seem flat, repetitive and lifeless. So, I’d like to offer you 4 tips on how to break out of a style rut and get your creative juices flowing again:

Tip one is to switch your wardrobe over from winter to summer (if you’re in my region of the world). Having an organized wardrobe is the basis of a gradual transformation of your style. It gives you a clear idea of what you have and what is missing.

Once this is done, begin trying on combinations of clothes that you’ve never worn before. Allow yourself to choose colors and patterns that don’t seem to match, because even if you don’t think they work (you may be surprised to find a few that do), it is a great way to look at your clothes in a fresh light.

We all tend to limit and define our styles too much. We label ourselves, saying I’m a classic or sporty dresser; yet the truth is that we have many aspects of our personality that could be expressed through our clothes. On different days our moods change and it is a lot of fun to allow our style to reflect all parts of ourselves.

In other words, it’s time to loosen our style restrictions and begin to explore options. It doesn’t mean letting go of what feels familiar and good, but it is an opportunity to extend our boundaries a little and enjoy more.

If you’re partaking of this adventure, the second tip will be to go to low budget and second-hand stores and let yourself try on styles that you might not normally wear. You might even want to buy something, as you won’t be spending much, while you try out a new persona.

The third tip is similar. Take a couple of hours on a day when you’re feeling relatively upbeat and go to a favorite chain store to see what clothes and fabrics instantly attract you, especially if they’re different to your usual style. The idea is not necessarily to buy, but to widen your sense of possibility.

Most importantly, you will begin to see that there are fewer rules than you had imagined when it comes to your style, as long as we feel good in what we’re wearing.

The last tip is to dare yourself tomorrow to wear a combination of clothes that you’ve never worn before. This can be a small change, such as simply wearing a brighter shade of t-shirt, a strong piece of jewelry or a dress that you normally save for the weekend to see how these minor style adjustments make you feel.

Ultimately, the idea is to relate to your clothes in a less serious, more playful, joyful way. Just give your style mojo room to breathe and it will come to life on its own.