The style guru Leandra Medine once said in an interview: “If it feels wrong, it probably looks right”. And I can see a certain aesthetic logic in that. However, my philosophy about style is a more internal one. I believe you have to be comfortable in your clothes to look good in them.

Many of us have experienced wearing a more expensive designer piece only to find that we didn’t feel good when we moved around or sat down in it. Generally, this left us disappointed and unhappy.

As I get older, my approach to personal style is that I have to love everything about the clothes I wear. From the feel of the fabric, the colors, the cut and the way it feels on my body, it all needs to feel right. If I compromise on any aspect of this equation, I’ll end up not wearing the item and giving it away.

Ultimately, life is too short not to feel great in your clothes. If you want to look good, ask yourself whether you love everything about wearing a particular outfit. If the answer is no, change part or all of it. If the answer is yes, you’re one stylish woman.