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The KD Blog is where I post my ruminations and ideas about branding, design, style, fashion, feminism and anything else I'm passionate about. I'm the owner of KimmDesign Studio and KimmDesign Style and I run a local Facebook group for women [...]

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Morning Mind Creativity

I am not naturally a morning person, yet my most creative hours are in the morning. As a freelance designer, I can start the day in my PJs, preparing for a branding consultation later that day and begin brainstorming. I [...]

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Are You Listening?

I’ve been in the design business for over 30 years and I still get a genuine thrill from listening to a new client telling me about their goals. Usually, when they come to my studio, they are at a turning [...]

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Design Your Style or Personal Brand

As we get older, we have the advantage of perspective to design our style in a new way. We can finally relax into ourselves and be less influenced by passing trends. At last, I know that I’m happiest wearing clothes [...]

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4 Cardinal Rules for Secondhand Clothes Shopping

Secondhand clothes shopping can make us silly. We see low prices and our common sense can suddenly fly out the window. So, to prevent you from getting “clothes drunk” the next time you are shopping in a thrift or vintage [...]

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Reclaiming Our Bodies in the New Year

As women, we are brought up spending so much energy not accepting ourselves just the way we are. It starts with society and the media telling us to look ideal and continues with fashion dictating how every part of our [...]

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