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You are invited to join me on my blog journey in which I explore women, culture, personal styling and other topics that I am passionate about. I'm the owner of KimmDesign Studio and KimmDesign Styleand I also run a Facebook group called Joy [...]

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Telling Your Style Story

Personal style is about the details, the proportions and the story. We can tell an authentic story or a somewhat embellished one. We can be down to earth or float in fantasy. Our style today is not usually our style [...]

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Connecting To Your Inner Fashion Designer

Yesterday, I was thinking about how some fashion designers prefer to try their creations on live models to see how the design and fabric fit and move. This way, they can make adjustments in real time. So, this got me [...]

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Get Your Style Mojo Back

Mojo means magic or charm. However, recently, I discovered that it's also a Cuban sauce containing garlic, olive oil and sour oranges. Both of these meanings relate beautifully to the need to keep our style lively and spicy. Often, we [...]

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10 Tips When Nothing Fits

What should I do when I've put on weight and none of my favorite clothes fit anymore? I was recently asked this styling question and decided to offer 10 helpful tips on how to solve this frustrating situation and even come [...]

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How to Create a Wonder Wardrobe

How do we transform a wardrobe that feels blah into one that is a source of true joy? This might sound impossible if we feel bored with our clothes, stuck in a style rut and upset about how our bodies [...]

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