Many women have issues with their bodies. Sadly, we are held up to impossible standards by society that make it difficult to love ourselves as we are. This situation is truly upsetting and annoying; however, I believe that there is a way to feel more loving and accepting of our bodies. It may sound like a superficial solution and yet I think it is profound.

When we find clothes that fit us well, feel comfortable and bring us joy, we may gradually become more tolerant and caring towards our less than perfect, human bodies and faces.

There is something meaningful about tidying our closets, having an honest look at the clothes that suit us and don’t, and then going out to buy a few pieces that make us feel genuinely happy with ourselves.

It may feel very hard to shop when you feel frustrated by the way your body has changed shape over the years; but if you remember to breathe deeply and be kind to yourself, you may find some clothes that work for you. It may also take a few attempts before you find something good, but keep persisting, because this process in itself can have a long-term beneficial effect on your relationship with your body and self-image. Learning to love yourself exactly as you are is a gift that every one of us deserves!