Photo by Artem Bali from Pexels

I am not naturally a morning person, yet my most creative hours are in the morning. As a freelance designer, I can start the day in my PJs, preparing for a branding consultation later that day and begin brainstorming.

I often find that after a good night’s sleep my brain will be as clear as a fresh water stream. This is the time I can easily envision the whole strategy in a holistic, easy and associative way. My mind has not yet been sullied by the humdrum of the day; the calls, the social media, the design work even.

In the morning, I can begin from a clean slate, able to think of new angles and how to position my client to give them a distinct advantage over their competitors. This is the work I love best, when I am creating a whole concept, not only for their branding, but also for their marketing and how they can grow their business.

This quiet time, alone and undisturbed, is when I remember why I became a designer in the first place and why I am passionate about helping my clients to think creatively and remember that the world is changing rapidly before our eyes, we just need to keep flowing with the stream.