“Thank you Kim for an excellent day of styling & shopping. We got home tired but happy!! My Mom had a very fun day and I am so glad I could give her a gift to remember and cherish!”

Yael Miara, Zichron Yaakov.

“Thank you so much! It was so enjoyable! I did not expect it to be so enjoyable. I’ll be very happy to spend more time together, and get more of your very thoughtful, smart input.”

Nicole Leifer, Jerusalem.

“So first of all I have been pregnant or post-pregnant for the last few years. So all my clothes are either maternity, or quite a bit too small for me. I literally didn’t have any real pants (except yoga leggings). I didn’t even notice how annoying getting dressed had become. My goal every morning was ‘how can i not look like a total idiot today?’. I got the idea of hiring Kim from the Balagan be Gone site, though hiring a *personal stylist* seemed like the most extravagant, over-the-top luxury that only the rich and famous actually do. But she looked so down to earth in her photos, and seemed so from the reviews, so I decided at least to call, and then when she told me her current rates, it was a deal too good to pass up. (I told her she needs to double, even triple her prices! her services are way more valuable than the price you pay!)

So far I have had two sessions with Kim: we went through my entire wardrobe and she gave her gentle, useful, honest input, helping me, as was said below, to get rid of things that don’t suit me anymore, feel confident in those that do, and even offer advice on how i can have certain things altered that i felt attached to but don’t fit me as is (in one case, i have this vintage dress from my aunt, which she cleverly suggested i change the buttons, and then have shortened into a cool, classy shirt instead). The 2nd time we went shopping, an errand which i usually greatly despise, and i came home with a bunch of nice things, but above all, a *perfect* fitting pair of jeans. Jeans! I haven’t had jeans that fit me and look great on me in like 5 years. She just sat outside the dressing room and waited for me to come out and help me decide on everything. What a treat it was! Thank you so much Kim! Getting dressed is a totally different experience when everything I grab from my closet I can rest assured is going to look great on me.

And anyone who is hesitating to spend the $$: I think that in the end hiring Kim will save me money. I have bought so many things that a few days later I hated, or saw myself in the mirror and hadn’t realized that it actually looked terrible. Now I have things I know I will like in weeks, months and even years from now. In addition, now that I will have a solid, ‘capsule’ wardrobe, I don’t have to *think* about buying new clothes anymore. Its quite freeing, actually…”

Nicole Leifer, Jerusalem.

“Shopping with Kim is a real pleasure. I was looking for a dress for a family event. Kim asked about styles that I would consider. Then, she did some research to find stores that had dresses that would fit the bill. She took me to several and we found many interesting possibilities. I never would have walked into some of these places on my own. And I never would have tried some of the dresses without Kim’s input. She came up with some original combinations for separate pieces to achieve the desired effect. While being very respectful of my tastes and preferences, Kim, in her mild-mannered way, encouraged me to try some different styles. Shopping with Kim is a twofer; you enjoy the services of a professional stylist and the company of a very pleasant person.”

Raizi Rosen, Jerusalem.

“Am recommending Kim’s services warmly – with her skillful guidance, astute perception and amiable encouragement, I was able to say goodbye to a lot of stuff that doesn’t suit me (anymore) and to bolster my confidence in items that do suit me. (And strolling through the shops afterwards and trying on things was great fun!) It was a great and fun experience. Thank you Kim!”

Sabina Gass, Jerusalem.

“What we managed to do in just a few hours was way above my expectations! Kim has a great eye for aesthetics and perfection and, in her gentle way, managed to get my wardrobe clear of many unnecessary clothes that I don’t miss for a second. Kim showed me how to put outfits together, including shoes, boots and accessories. She sees the person in you and fits the wardrobe accordingly. I am sure it’s not the last time we do this. Thank you Kim!”

Talia Broza Liram, Jerusalem.

“I wanted to buy a dress for my brother’s wedding and Kim took me to the perfect boutique, where she knew I would find a dress that would suit my taste. The shopping process was smooth and a lot of fun, with Kim giving me great feedback on the 5-10 dresses that I tried on and she selected a few that she thought would look best on me. The final dress that we chose was elegant, chic and modern! I was very happy with the whole experience, which also saved me a lot of time searching in numerous shops. I received many compliments at the event too. I highly recommend Kim’s styling and shopping services and I continue to consult with her!”

Anne Hartstein Pace, Jerusalem.

“I was fortunate to meet Kim a few years ago in her professional role as a graphic and website designer. I was impressed by her work and stayed in touch with her.

Later on, she offered me her services as a personal styling consultant. We began by going through the clothes in my wardrobe, sorting out what suited me most and what didn’t, in terms of colors, styles and comfort.

I enjoyed her professional observations and practical advice. I also appreciated her patient and pleasant manner, while guiding me through this process.

After organizing my closet, we went shopping together. Kim helped me find the stores, styles and prices that suited me. As a result, I had a refreshed wardrobe, new clothes and a great feeling. With Kim’s help, I was able to let go of clothes that had taken up space in my wardrobe for years and add new clothes that I continue to enjoy daily.

The satisfaction was double: The clothes that I had collected over a long time were now in order and, with her guidance, I was able to buy new ones and have more outfit options.

I strongly recommend using Kim’s personal styling services and getting her help with renewing your closet and buying clothes that suit you and your lifestyle best.”

Dr. Laura Wharton, Jerusalem.