It would be a pleasure to help you experience more joy in the way you dress! I’m Kim Mayroze and, in 2014, I trained to become a Personal Stylist at Shenkar, Israel’s foremost fashion college. Until then, I had always enjoyed helping my friends put together great outfits and organize their closets in my free time; however, after I received my diploma in personal styling, I realized that I had found a true passion! I will be happy to share my creative approach to personal styling with you and guide you through a gentle, enjoyable process that will change the way you dress and shop for clothes. I will help you discover the styles that suit you, your body shape, coloring and lifestyle best and offer ideas on how to wear and combine your clothes in the most flattering and stylish ways.

This fun personal styling process usually starts with a refreshing wardrobe organization (“closet cleanse”) and can be followed by shopping together for lovely basics and special clothes that are currently missing from your wardrobe and will add more outfit options for you every day.

Feel free to contact me for more details about my services via the form below, my Facebook page or call 054-5920311. 

You are also welcome to read the recommendations from my happy clients and find out more about how we can work on your personal style together:

Wardrobe Organization & Styling
Together, we can look at your wardrobe and decide which clothes are truly good on you and which can be removed from your closet. I can show you creative ways to combine the clothes that you have to make more great outfits and see what items are currently missing. Finally, your clothes will be in order, visible and easy to access. You can experience a renewed sense of order, calm and joy from your clothes on a daily basis.

Personal Shopping & Styling
Whether you live in Jerusalem or are visiting, we can shop together for clothes, shoes and accessories in great local stores and boutiques that suit your taste and budget. I will help you create more stylish outfit options by adding beautiful pieces and new combinations for you to choose from every day.

Personal Branding & Photography
I will produce highly appealing personal branding images of you by styling and taking photos of you that you can use on all your professional marketing materials, your website and on social media or for your personal dating profiles.

Personal Styling for Women of 35 Plus
As women of 35 and over, our bodies are changing and it can be difficult to feel comfortable with ourselves and our clothes. This is an opportunity to renew and reinvent your personal style and we can work together to enhance your sense of well-being, comfort and joy in the way you dress and feel now.

If you are a woman of 35 and over living in Israel, you are also welcome to join my Facebook group: Joy In Your Closet