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On a recent Friday at noon, I was invited to a beautiful rooftop wedding in Yafo, overlooking an opalescent blue sea. The guests were milling around and I was especially interested in how the women chose to dress for this elegant event. Their choices were stylish and ranged widely between classic, trendy, funky and revealing.

It was an intensely hot day, so I had changed my own outfit ten minutes before leaving the house, from a long, electric blue dress into a shorter, minimalist navy one that was good for dancing and keeping cool.

The wedding was wonderful and, afterwards, we walked around Old Yafo in a haze and sat at a Mediterranean-style bar gazing at the water, imagining we were in Greece.

The next morning, back home in Jerusalem, I woke up leisurely and thought about my own closet and how good it would feel to have a sense of joy in the way I dressed more often. I began to imagine my current wardrobe in my mind and I realized that my closet feels very different when envisioned this way, rather than when I look at it.

This guided imagery exercise allowed me to think about my wardrobe as a concept, an idea, an emotion, that can be changed. It helped me to see that I can make my closet into a source of greater pleasure.

You might also want to try this exercise and use it as a tool for your own closet transformation.

Closet Transforming Exercise
It’s morning. You may still be a little sleepy. You haven’t dressed for the day yet. Now try to imagine your wardrobe with your clothes hanging inside. Give yourself a few minutes to make a virtual tour in your mind of all your clothes, hanging and folded, in the different closets, shelves and drawers. What image comes to your mind? How do you feel about your clothes in general when you imagine them this way? What words and associations float into your mind? Write down the words that describe this vision, the color of it, and your mood when thinking about your wardrobe.

This exercise helped me to understand that there is always work to be done on our closets (for a personal stylist too) and here are a few steps I will take to treat my clothes with more loving care:

1.    The floors and shelves of the closets will be wiped more regularly.

2.    A few items will be taken to a seamstress to make adjustments.

3.    I will make sure that I have enough basics in my closet to mix and match creatively with other pieces.

4.    I will buy a few more investment pieces that are high quality and will last for years.

5.    I will take time to shop for more clothes that are unique and delight me to wear for special occasions.

I was happy that I did this exercise, even though it will take time to get my wardrobe into shape. Ultimately, we need to work on our closets continuously, like a piece of art in progress, so that we can experience pleasure in the way we dress more easily and more often.

What about you? What changes do you want to make to your closet and clothes? I’d love to hear in the comments below what your thoughts are on the state of your wardrobe and how you may choose to transform it now.


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  1. Rachel 16 August, 2017 at 12:28 pm

    Love this, Kim. Seeing clothing and our closets through your eyes makes me realize that it’s something I might like to take more seriously and give more consideration rather than just reach into it with a mixture of anxiety and dissatisfaction most of the time. I never even really stopped to think what I feel as I open my closet. But the truth is with body changes etc, I have felt less able to find clothes which capture my creativity and style, something I felt able to do earlier in life, so I think that I have relegated my clothing to more utilitarian usage. Shifting that mindset is profound and as you say won’t happen overnight.

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