The notion that women need to be decorative creatures and show the world their assets is still a mindset for some. I am constantly amazed when I see women (not to mention personal stylists) dressing in a way that has less to do with their own pleasure and more with how “the other” sees them.

There may be a special occasion when you want to attract someone’s attention or be the center of it; yet, in our daily lives, why are we so often brainwashed by the media into believing that we are here only to appear visually charming to the rest of the world? We are whole human beings with personalities, mental abilities and souls just like men.

I am exasperated when I see personal stylists modelling outfits that project the message that a woman must look “sexy” to dress well. While it’s true that clothes have traditionally been worn for practical and enhancement purposes, we are now in an age of unprecedented fashion freedom and variety.

For the New Year, why not liberate ourselves from the vestiges of “women as decoration” and connect to that part of ourselves that knows instinctively what clothes will truly make us happy to wear?